Why a library matters?

If a child can read, they can learn anything. If they can learn anything, they can do anything.

Reading is the foundation of education

Reading is the foundation of education, and yet there are 115 million children under 15 years of age around the world who don’t know how to read.

Study Space = Improved Grades

Students develop better study habits if they have a clean and well lit place to read and do their homework. In Katab, children do not have a designated study space and often use outside spaces not suitable for quiet time and study.

Play and Free Time

School hours are 9am to 2pm daily. After school there are very limited opportunities for children to study or play due to the extreme heat. The library will provide a solution for this community need.

Stronger, Healthier and more Resilient Community

A community library serves multiple purposes, not only for children but adults. The space can be used to promote healthy living, agricultural extension services and new micro-enterprise opportunities.

“The library is very important to me. My daughter will be able to do her homework and read in a safe, comfortable, clean and well illuminated space” – María Alicia, María Belén’s Mother