Inspired by true stories!

The people of Katab are our co-authors

Written to inspire change!

Everyone has a story worth telling! We want to tell people’s stories to the world with a children’s book.

“A good book is an empathy engine.” – Chris Riddell

Studies show that reading fiction is an excellent training tool for children to develop and practice empathy by helping them understand how other people feel and think. This is because fiction tricks our brains into thinking that we are part of the story.

This is our plan:

We gathered stories from the Mayan community who harvest the honey and transformed them into fun, creative and engaging fiction stories to promote cultural exchange.

Responsibly Made

The books you receive will be of high quality and colorfully printed with soy based ink and FSC-certified recycled paper from responsible sources.

Fair Deals

The books are printed at a responsible partner, shipped to our warehouse for distribution directly to you. This avoids intermediaries, optimising positive impact.

Economic Empowerment

The people of the community are co-authors of the book, and the royalties from book sales will fund local educational programs chosen by them. The first project identified as a community need is the construction of a library in Katab, Mexico.