10 Tips and a Freebie to Help your Children Fall in Love with Books

10 Tips and a Freebie to Help your Children Fall in Love with Books

According to a study, children who read daily are already a year ahead of those who read less frequently. This is one of the many reasons why it's important for you as a parent to show reading as a fun and enjoyable activity to your children early on.

Follow these 10 tips and the freebie so your children can fall in love with books!

  1. Lead by Example! There is no better way to teach your children to love reading than to have them see you reading and enjoying a book. Get them involved and let them know what you are reading.
  2. Let Them Choose the Book! Give them the freedom to choose what they want to read. Discover what they like and what they don't like. And yes, a comic book is also a good choice!
  3. Read Aloud and Change Voices. Reading with your children should be a fun experience for both of you! Improvise different voices for each of the characters and invite them to join in and make funny voices too.
  4. Take Them to a Library. Did you know that a majority of people haven't been to a library in the last three years? Libraries are not just for reading, they have cool and fun activities each day for you to enjoy!
  5. Have A Reading Partner! Having a reading partner, like a teddy bear, is a great option as your children can begin to form a habit by wanting to read each time they see their special reading partner.   
  6. Have A Comfy Area! Be sure to read with your children in a quiet place where both of you are comfortable and relaxed.
  7. Read As A Daily Activity! Play games where you read everything that is within your reach, like street signs, labels, or restaurant menus.
  8. Use Their Environment for Success! Help make it easy for them to read. Leave reading materials in their reach throughout the house, like magazines, photo books, and obviously regular books.
  9. The Story with No End! When finishing a story, let them fly with their imagination. Have them continue the story by asking them what they think will happen to the characters or what they think the characters are doing right now. Also ask them about their opinion, whether they liked the book or not.
  10. Judge by the Cover! Before reading a book, play together by trying to guess what the story will be about based on the cover. This will make them more interested in the story before you even start!
  11. And The Freebie! The freebie is VERY important! NEVER, EVER MAKE THEM READ AS A PUNISHMENT! We don't want them to think of reading as something negative or mandatory.

What do you think? Share with us your best tips on how you made your children to fall in love with reading! 

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