Buy a Book and Build a Library

Thanks to Pro México Indígena, we got together with the members of the Mayan communities to ask them what educational project they wanted to fund with the sales of the books. They were clear that they needed a community library. The library will give their children a safe and appropriate place to read, study, and do their homework. The community will be donating the land and labor for the library.


  • Gender Equality. Our collection includes 10 books. 5 of them are about male leading characters and 5 about women leading characters. 
  • Building Empathy. Our books are inspired by true stories so readers can learn and identify with the people from Katab and their culture. 
  • Economic Empowerment. The people from Katab are co-creators of the book, and their royalties from book sales will fund local educational programs chosen by them. The first project identified as a need is the construction of a library. 
  • Connecting Readers. With every purchase the customer can help us choose one book for for the library. Our readers will view the world of the people from Katab through one of our books, and the people from Katab will view the reader's world through their favorite book.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Alejandro Hill, a premier architect in Mexico, volunteered his expertise to help create the library’s design, and together with the people of Katab, we will build it.

The library will not only lend books but serve as a multi-purpose community space for storytelling, theater, classes, or just as a place to read in.


  • It has small windows all around to help save energy by using more natural light and to also help keep it cool.

  • It is built with locally purchased materials: cement, sand, gravel, and reclaimed wood.

  • It has an open space for a larger room so there can be storytelling or reading outdoors.

  • It is 380 square feet.

  • It contains over 1,500 books that our customers helped us choose.

  • Three women from Katab volunteered to staff the library and to help the children select books. They will also monitor book lending and organization, keep the space safe and clean, and work to develop community activities.